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Territory Studio London brought me on board as a freelance designer.
To design and create UI interfaces, Huds, Visors, Monitors and Character logo brands for the world
of Spielberg’s Ready Player One film.
Going back to the old school 80’s arcade games for inspiration was unique and fun.
Especially if you are born in the 90’s.

I’ve made designs for IOI (the bad boys) and the gunters (the good guys)
They both had to exist in that same world while IOI had to feel more military Hight tech based and the gunters had a more playful vibe.

The reel above is a good portion of the graphics I created, Some of the animations were done by myself and other artists like TheGhostMonkey (Pedro Cyrne)
These were then packed for a final comp to Digital Domain and ILM.

Thanks for this adventure.
To the KEY!

Please see the full credit list here:

By Nosaj Thing 1685/Bach

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