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Perrier: The Unexpected Gifs

One more time, we have had the pleasure to work with my friends of MazarineYouToYou and build a Director’s Cut about the six wonders of Perrier, the most exquisite, unique & fancy sparkling water on France.
Six different gifs exploring the eccentric, surreal and unexpected world of the iconic bottle.
A big range of random situations and the synergy of Perrier with the worlds of Arts, Sports, Fashion, Culture & Lifestyle.
Thanks to all the dream team involved on this lovely project and your trust dear Matthew Jamison.

To see more about the project, you can enter to the following link!


Mazarine YouToYou


Creative, Art Direction & Montage:
Pablo Alfieri

Air & Bubbles / Tennis / Fashion & Desire

CG Production:

Art Director:
Fran Rossi

CG Artists:
Fran Rossi & Pablo Alfieri

VFX Artist:
Matias Furno

Dance & Fun / Balance & Harmony / Art & Icons

CG Production:
Pleid / Juanma Mota & Alberto Carbonell & Ruye

CG Designers:
Pablo Alfieri & Sebastian Morales


Director’s Cut Editing & Montage: 
Pablo Alfieri

Sound Design:


Thanks! Merci! Gracias!


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