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Artificial Anatomy 2

Photography – Paul Hollingworth
Editing –
Track – Tipper / Whomi

Artificial Anatomy is an ongoing personal project intended to explore our understanding and perception of surface, texture and volume. Whilst part one of the project used paint to define the form of the human head and skull, part two uses light. Formed from various clips captured during the photographic process this short film is intended to accompany the main body of work which is photographic and can be found on my Behance page

The still imagery was created by recording long exposures of a reflective skull and head whilst illuminating them using electroluminescent wire. Lasting around 10 to 15 seconds each exposure captures the movement of the flashing wire as it passes across the surface. As the speed, frequency and position of the wire is adjusted, so too is the definition and complexity of each image. This motion of illuminating the subjects with the wire is what forms the basis for the short film.

Prints from the project can be purchased on my website:
Copyright Paul Hollingworth Photography

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