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Imaginary Friend Society – Why Am I Tired All the Time?

K-1211 might be an imaginary friend, but he’s no stranger to the kind of fatigue that comes from having cancer treatment. Thankfully, he’s got enough energy to talk about being tired.
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The Imaginary Friend Society is a cast of characters who star in a series of animated films that help explain confusing cancer-related topics in a way that’s kid-friendly. The series speaks to kids about both the medical and emotional aspects of cancer in an effort to make them a little more comfortable during a very difficult experience.

Brought To You By:
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

In Partnership With:
RPA Advertising

Animation: Airplan
Art Director | Benjamin Kalaszi
Character Design & Animation | Dave Dell’edera
2D artists | Timea Horvath & Gabor Filkor
Additional animation: Virag Kiss, Laci Ess
Creative Producer | Donat Aron Ertsey

Music: Squeak E Clean
Sound Design: Squeak E Clean
Title Sequence: Elastic
Title Sequence Music: Jeremy Turner

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