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The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show Creative Compositing Reel

In late summer 2014, I joined the Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show design crew at Dreamworks Animation TV.
David Smith, the show runner, and Kevin Dart, the art director, convinced Dreamworks to create this unique position that usually doesn’t exist in TV show production.
When Compositing essentially happens at the end of the production chain, they included it in the pre-production phase.

My role was to work closely with the art director and the design team, to create a style of animation, lighting, effects and overall look that would be the most faithful to their vision and push it even further.

The challenge was to find ambitious but cost effective ways to animate extremely stylized designs without going to the usual cheap tricks. It had to look as refined as possible.

I would go through the animatic and pick a bunch of scenes that I consider key to establishing the style of the episode, then build them.

Once reviewed by Kevin and Dave, I would send them to the After Effect team at the oversea studio DHX in Vancouver who produces the whole animation and compositing for the show.

The DHX team did an impressive job at following my way of compositing. I’m really proud of our collaboration! It’s rare to work with such committed, passionate and talented people.

This is a montage of all these key scenes. You’ll notice that there’s no final character animation in most of them since they were created prior to the production of the animation by the guys at DHX.

Music // « Mr. Pitiful » by Otis Redding

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