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SansSouci / SS Issue N.1

SansSouci is a new art book including works of more than 40 contemporary artists. The theme of the first edition is the ‘bestiary’ and the exorcism of human ancestral fears through their artistic representation. Our video is a metaphor for the process of transformation of the animal in an art installation.

– Direction: Ditroit
– Design: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta
– Modeling: Fabiano Di Liso, Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta, Giovanni Mauro, Andrea Stragapede
– Shading & Lighting: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta
– Rigging: Giacomo Lietti, Enrica Paltrinieri
– Character Animation: Paolo Cerva, Daniela Zanne
– Animation: Pietro Furbatto, Andrea Stragapede, Daniela Zanne
– Fluid Simulation: Karolina Sereikaite
– Compositing: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta
– Editing: Daniela Zanne
– Music & Sound Design: Guido Smider

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